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Please note: the recipes list­ed here are halal-compatible, i.e. they do not use any ingre­di­ents pro­hib­it­ed by Islam. Nevertheless:

  • I am not a spe­cial­ist, so I can always be wrong
    if the basic rules are com­mon to all schools of inter­pre­ta­tion, it varies from one school to anoth­er, or from one coun­try to anoth­er for cer­tain ani­mals or prod­ucts: the rules I chose are those fol­lowed in Morocco (Malekites), if you fol­low oth­er rules, find out!
  • Remember that the meat, to be halal, must come from an ani­mal slaugh­tered accord­ing to the rit­u­al slaugh­ter, and that the "com­pound" ingre­di­ents must not con­tain any trace of pork.