Small talks and gossips

Anything that doesn't fit into a cat­e­go­ry, digres­sions and culi­nary chatter.

Have you noticed ? When we share a good meal, at least in France, we always end up talk­ing about pre­vi­ous good meals, about dish­es we have already savoured and whose mem­o­ry enhances the plea­sure we have.

Cooking is con­vivi­al­i­ty and shar­ing. Here we chat, we exchange, we turn around the kitchen. It is also the cat­e­go­ry for news from the site, from the world of cook­ing, for friend­ly gos­sip, the last page of the news­pa­per, so to speak.

Cooking bare­foot? That's the worst idea you can have (even for a beach bar­be­cue). In "cook­ing" there is "cooked" and there­fore hot… and splashes